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Have we finally entered the age when genetic testing truly personalizes medicine? The article referenced below shows promise.

We built ArLIMS, the PGx workflow tool, to enable this exact type of science applied to individual patients. Arivium is encouraged by this trend and looks forward to the days when medicine can eliminate treatment by "trial and error." Refer to article at This trend may signal the true start to promising medicine, combining the strengths of trained Healthcare Practitioners and scientific research.

Arivium announces general release launch of ArLIMS, a new Pharmacogenomics workflow platform for Precision Medicine

Arivium, a leading provider of workflow and healthcare applications, recently launched into general release its next generation Pharmacogenomics Workflow platform, ArLIMS.

Since 2009, Arivium has supported health and research workflow applications with clients such as a non-profit injury research team, pharmaceutical research organizations and healthcare clinical decision support systems. The next generation ArLIMS Pharmacogenomics Testing Platform ("ArLIMS") spans the bridge of healthcare providers and research by providing streamlined workflows dedicated to precision medicine.

Using ArLIMS, laboratories, primary care physicians, and pharmacists have the ability to place orders for personalized tests and collaboratively review the results. Patients receive intelligent input to their health that is understandable and efficient. ArLIMS includes an assortment of options for collecting orders and distributing results. Physicians who order tests can receive electronic format results via the simple ArLIMS web portal or in the standard HL7 format.

"This general release of ArLIMS is another step in creating the most efficient, targeted PGx related workflow available," said Darren Brown, Founder & President. "By working with our early adopter lab partners, ArLIMS is focused and simple to use but powerful in expediting the order to reimbursement workflow."

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